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Format: Documentary feature film
Language: Spanish, French, English
To be shot at: Different locations around the world
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Meeting M Duran

Dr. Mario Durán, allegedely the youngest  person to be named surgeon in Argentina moved from Cordoba to Paris.  His wife and his four young children stayed.   Mario squatted, painted pictures by the Seine, borrowed money that never repaid. He always claimed to be one of the Founders of MSF, although he is not in the books.   He operated in Beirut, in North Africa, in Vietnam.   He married again, and divorced again.   Rumors say that he could have sold a girlfriend to an AFrican Tribe Leader, while saving (literally) thousands of lives all over the world.  He went on missions with Bernard Kouchner, who would later become Miterrand's Minister of Health and Sarkozy's Minister of Foreign Affairs.  And then came back to his squat and party with Neruda or with the famous Argentinean painter Antonio Segui.   

Mario had ashma, he went back to Cordoba, and got to see Marina, his youngest daughter (and the only one of the four living in Argentina who would speak to him) again.   Marina's three brothers wouldn't speak to him.   Marina is now a divorced mother of two, and  Mario would tell his grandsons the stories of his trip around the world... And died soon after.     Now, Marina wants to find out more about him.  And we will acompany her on this trip.